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360° Assessment

Optimal outcomes are the result of an alignment between what individuals and organizations are expected to accomplish. The most desirable approach to achieving these outcomes is to establish a framework in which to operate. This approach provides a systematic method for successfully working in a values-based culture. Values are the criteria by which we make our choices and decisions: they are enduring beliefs and the standards by which we operate. Values define the principles that guide a person to his or her goals. When individuals continually succeed, the entire organization benefits. The purpose for implementing a values-based culture process is to help people within the organization

  • Recognize the company's values and established definitions,

  • Promote a common language based on the company's values,

  • Embrace change as a "constant,"

  • Reinforce ownership and individual responsibility, and

  • Measure individual behaviors based on the established values, using a 360° assessment process.

Self-improvement starts by identifying barriers to successful performance. Assessment tools are one method for providing individuals with feedback regarding their performance. The values-based assessment is one method for measuring performance. The assessment contains a set of core competencies. These competencies are behaviors that assist individuals in overcoming known barriers to achieving the performance (behavioral) standards set by the organization.

By the end of this program, participants will be able to implement a 360° assessment process, which includes the following:

  • Identifying the corporate values that will ensure the success of the organization. The values must be aligned with the vision such that they provide the direction needed;

  • Putting a group of people together who are intimately involved with the direction in which the organization is headed to develop the values; and

  • Providing a platform where employees develop the definitions for the values. Performance Concepts develops the questions for each of the identified values.

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