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The Building Excellence Survey—
Tapping Human Potential

In today's fast-paced, complex, and shifting environments, there is an ongoing need to increase productivity, develop new skills, change behavior, and learn new and complex material. In these environments, people face the formidable task of adapting to the day-to-day challenges of having to learn and do more, better, faster. PCI's response to this challenge is providing solutions like the Building Excellence Survey® (BE)—an adult assessment that measures twenty-one critical variables that can either inhibit or stimulate learning and productivity. When an individual is committed to identifying and then educating themselves about their natural strengths and preferences, and have the drive to implement the recommended strategies that lead to personal mastery, optimal results transpire.

Results from the Building Excellence Survey

The results from the BE Survey are contained in the Building Excellence Workbook and provide people with knowledge that results in decreased learning time, increased motivation, a positive shift in attitude, and improved performance. The workbook includes descriptions of an individual's natural strengths and performance preferences, as well as recommended strategies-all of which focus on how people can improve performance, increase achievement, advance interpersonal communication, and optimize learning and productivity when concentrating.

The BE Workbook is available in two versions—electronic and hard copy.

The electronic version is Web based. Here is how it works: Access the Building Excellence Web site, register using prearranged administrative codes, and then respond to the BE Survey. When the survey is complete, a personalized electronic workbook describing YOUR preferences can be printed.

The hard copy version provides descriptions of ALL preferences, contains the self-scoring BE Survey, and includes color, text, and graphics.

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