Developing Skillful Techniques


Communicating Skillfully

Managing vast amounts of information has become the demand of the twenty-first century. The management/supervisory team can help their staff navigate this road by creating a learning organization. The communication competencies acquired in this session will enable participants to create a team environment in which it is possible to maximize work efficiency and productivity.

The art and science of communications have been a major component for success in organizations. However, the difference between the science of hearing and the art of listening is frequently misunderstood. "Hearing is a word used to describe the physiological sensory processes by which auditory sensations are received by the ears and transmitted to the brain. Listening, on the other hand, refers to a more complex psychological procedure involving interpreting and understanding the significance of the sensory experience".

The purpose of this session is to develop effective communication skills. The management/supervisory team will identify work situations that currently cause difficulty in communication and will apply the techniques learned to solve them.

By the end of this program, participants will

  • Listen more accurately to the needs of co-workers,

  • Build more effective communication techniques,

  • Improve skills in giving direction,

  • Learn how to proficiently handle employee objections,

  • Give and receive feedback,

  • Integrate the knowledge gained into their conflict resolution activities, and

  • Understand communication as a method for proactively eliminating or reducing the potential for error.

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