Embracing Change...
Even Change Changes


Embracing Change as a Constant

As organizations progress through the change cycle, their efforts most often focus on two components: improving technology and improving systems. While these two components are essential, the third component is critical: people-the intellectual capital of the organization. Technology and systems represent the processes. In contrast, people represent the social architecture or human software. The success of individual performance requires the integration and balance of all three components: people, technology, and systems. Imagine a three-legged stool with people, technology, and systems representing the three legs. Now think about what can happen when one leg is shorter than the others!

Change plays an essential role in the success of all organizations. Without embracing change, organizations fall prey to "doing the same thing while expecting different results." Change is a journey that takes place over time and requires commitment, forward thinking, and planning. In this equation, the hope for "instant pudding" only serves to blur the journey. When implementing change, most organizations do not build on the human aspect.

What we know is that human behavior is predictable when individuals face change. As adaptive organisms, humans adjust to change continuously, regardless of whether the change is self-imposed or imposed by others. Recognizing where one is in the process of the seven stages of change and moving toward understanding and acceptance, while minimizing the amount of time spent "stuck in the mud," is the ultimate goal.


During this program, participants will learn

  • The importance of embracing change as a constant,

  • The seven stages of behavior during change,

  • The three stages of rumination,

  • The four stages of lessons learned,

  • The importance of linking change to future performance,
  • What change means to the stability and growth of an organization, and
  • Transformation as it relates to change.

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