Performance Improvement...
Identifying Strengths When Concentrating, Working, and Learning

In today's global economy, both understanding and implementing learning strengths and performance strategies is fundamental to linking individual, team, and leadership performance to profits. This session will assist participants in identifying their individual strengths and preferences and their effects on future performance.

The Building Excellence Survey and The Building Excellence Workbook will be used to identify strengths when concentrating, working, and learning.

  • The Building Excellence Survey (BE) identifies and measures twenty-one critical variables that can either inhibit or stimulate learning and productivity.

  • The results from the BE Survey (İR. Dunn & S. Rundle) are contained in the BE Workbook and provide people with knowledge that results in decreased learning time, increased motivation, a positive shift in attitude, and improved performance. The workbook includes descriptions of an individual's natural strengths and performance preferences, as well as recommended strategies—all of which focus on how people can improve performance, increase achievement, and optimize learning when concentrating.

By the end of this program, participants will understand that higher levels of performance and achievement are attained when people recognize

  • That learning is not an accident—it is managed;

  • The specific factors that will help build a state for learning—the optimal state for concentrating on, processing, absorbing, and retaining new and difficult information, and developing skills;

  • One's preferred methods for making decisions and solving problems; One's preferred way of processing information;

  • The stress factors that affect one's ability to concentrate for extended periods, which, when not managed properly, decrease productivity;

  • One's preferred working atmosphere (immediate surroundings) when concentrating; The most productive strategies for each strength;

  • The specific learning and performance competencies that create higher job performance and educational achievement; and

  • How applying the optimal learning and performance strategies can enhance self-motivation.

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