Scenario Planning...
What If?


Organizations face futures of ongoing change and uncertainty. Yet they often see the future through individual perspectives, missing global pictures that could prepare them for a proactive planning approach.

The Scenario Planning Technique is a disciplined method that is be used to plan for an organization's future in relation to market trends and environmental uncertainties. It allows planners an opportunity to gain a varied perspective with which to plan the goals and objectives that will direct future actions.

By the end of this program, participants will be able to

  • Identify common trends that influence their business or department,

  • Explore key uncertainties that define the culture in which the organization operates,

  • Identify the major stakeholders,

  • Pinpoint the key challenges for the immediate future of the organization,

  • Develop initial scenario themes that check for consistency and plausibility,

  • Establish action plans that will be effective in various scenarios, and

  • Go beyond objective analysis to include subjective interpretations.

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