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Building Wisdom in Teams

There are various team development theories. The theorists who specialize in explaining the development of teams, and those who focus on application, all agree that team development is an evolutionary process that begins with the individual. Developing a high performance team is a journey that requires sound leadership, a trustworthy environment, sufficient knowledge, and skills to perform competently.

Extraordinary teams are a direct result of understanding respectful communications, appreciating differences, sharing commitments, exchanging information, taking responsibility, and participating. Most important is understanding that one does not have to sacrifice individuality to contribute to a high performance team. This session focuses on creating a teamwork environment to maximize work efficiency and productivity. In the end, team building is really trust building.

Building wisdom in teams

  • Paves the way for change,

  • Improves team interaction,

  • Builds relationships,

  • Promotes self leadership,

  • Enhances morale,
  • Encourages creative problem solving,
  • Reduces conflict and stress, and
  • Promotes positive work attitudes.


By the end of this program, participants will be able to

  • Recognize the basics of team development,

  • Identify effective ingredients of team behavior,

  • Understand how to change negative team interactions into positive ones ,

  • Diagnose team problems, and

  • Facilitate effective team meetings.

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